PicturePreschool at the Sammy Center
After two very busy travel years for Bronte & Frank, 2009 will see them mostly remain in Los Angeles, where they'll finish pre-school and start Kindergarten. 

Their dad has accepted a year long film project in Moscow and their mom is working on a movie called 'The Green Hornet' -  so the family will do their best to catch up throughout the year.

london - 2009

Pictureweary travelers reunited for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day and their daddy's birthday.
Bronte & Frank fly from LA to London.
Their dad flies from Moscow to London where they all meet at Heathrow.
It is actually snowing in London on February 14th.
Frank figures out that they spent more time in transit and sleeping off jet lag, than waking moments with each other, however it's always nice to have the family together in a foreign land.

New york city & buck hill Pa - 2009

PictureGlowski's at Buck Hill
Bronte & Frank take a long weekend and fly to New York City to meet family and friends.  Their dad flies from Moscow and they are reunited again.  They hang for a bit in the Big Apple and then bust out of town to the family holiday home in Buck Hill, PA.

bronte's 5th birthday - los angeles

Bronte & Giulian celebrate their 5th birthdays together at the Star Eco Station, which is an environmental science museum, an exotic wildlife rescue center and a happy new home for illegally trafficked animals rescued by the U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Service.

A birthday party for many, is perfect in this environment, where kids learn about environmentalism through a fun, hands-on experience.  As the birthday girl and boy, both Giulian and Bronte were draped with enormous pythons (the pictures of which I am unable to locate at this time).

holidays in australia - 2009/2010


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