Picturewell traveled and well loved, Frank is starting to look well worn...
Bronte & Frank return to LA to see friends and begin to appreciate just how easy life in the USA seems, compared to some places they've been.  The overwhelming supermarket choice, cars screeching to a stop for your illegally J-walk, strangers smiling in your eyes as they walk by.

The sun in always shining, tap water is drinkable and hot water will not be shut off for three weeks for the rusty pipes to be cleaned.

During the past two years, unbeknown to Bronte, Frank was lost and sometimes found, but not always.  Starting out with four identical beige Franks, one would be forever lost in London's Hyde Park, another from the stroller in Kiev, and perhaps the other at one of Berlin's train stations.  The soul surviving Frank (pictured above) was now a collector's item, as sadly, the manufacturer (Omega Toys), was discovered to be out of business.  Panic sets in, what to do, what to do...

Find a dozen Omega Frank's.  OK, so they're not beige - don't panic - you can work with this....because....Frank is magic and he will change color on his birthday to let us know....I mean who's to know how long a Teddy Bear Year is?  Could be like dog years right?



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