PictureStill freezing in April!
Back in Moscow, 9 months in and it feels like it's been winter the entire time.  Now Bronte and Frank understand why everybody busts out of town during the holiday period (just like they did).

Crazy amount of travel for one so young - still just two years old, Bronte has more than half a dozen countries under her belt.   If this is to continue, it's probably time to start documenting in a more meaningful way.

......check out Bronte & Frank go to Moscow - it's just the beginning of their daring adventure!

Picturescolded by a monkey in a skirt?

From a searing summer in Australia to the worst winter in Russia.  Sometimes -38 degrees (excluding wind chill) - those days you can feel your eyeballs freezing after mere moments outside.

Bronte & Frank return to pre-school at P'tif Cref and continue exploring the city of Moscow.