Bronte's Russian birthday party was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, I know, not the most appropriate venue for a mob of toddlers, however when in Moscow.....
Hotdogs 'n' fries were appreciatively devoured.

Favorite family friendly venues where Bronte & Frank enjoyed SUNDAY BRUNCH:
Scandinavia (fave summertime spot)
Le Pain Quotidien (no smoking section)
Starlight Diner (great Thanksgiving turkey)
21 Prime (steakhouse)
BB Cafe (the canary restaurant)
Bublik (another Ginza project) 
Coffeemania (amazing cakes)
Elardzhi (another Ginza project)
Piccolino (another Ginza project)


Bronte (about 20 months old) & Frank piled their stuff into storage (mostly stuffed toys) and headed to Moscow, not knowing what to expect (aside from a brutal winter).

Women's groups such as the International Women's Club of Moscow and your local embassy, play a crucial role in supporting expats of all nationalities.

Bronte attended P'tit Cref, a trilingual (Russian, French, English) school in Moscow for 12 months, where she was immersed in their French program.  International schools are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people with kids of similar age.  

Children in Moscow is an excellent resource for families in Moscow - they have Bronte's Jet Lag Tips posted in their editorial section.