in between bronte's birthday and veteran's day, 2007

PictureGrandpa and newborn Bronte, 2004
So vividly, I remember the phone call from home this chilly night in Milan.  I didn't realize at first, the nature of this communication would unfold with a similar footprint, to the one we'd received a few months previous, with the news of uncle Wayne's untimely passing.

Bronte's Grandpa had most unexpectedly suffered a stroke  and wasn't expected to survive in time for us to say goodbye.  This flood of crashing emotions starts rushing as we put Bronte in the bath (with Frank right there on the toilet seat to keep her company) as we go into shock. 

These are times it really pays to have a trusted travel agent working with you.  When dealing with complex logistics, international flights and connections when muddle-headed, it's better to hand over to a detached professional.  There's so much to do aside from find passports, pack and possibly leave on the next flight out.