PictureTiergarten - Berlin

Only a week this time, but still manage to cram it in.  It's so leafy, and clean, the people all exercising with smiles, on bikes or jogging and the birdsong... oh birds twittering is so heartwarming.  How do they keep this place so clean?   Ahhhhh YES, recycling, lots of recycling - all color coded and orderly.  It's decided quite quickly that Bronte & Frank could easily live in this city, with its tremendous Tiergarten (German for animal park).  Bronte & Frank explored the urban park all day, with lunch at the Biergarten - followed by rowing on the river (well except Frank refused to get in the boat - he detests getting wet).  Bronte & Frank will return to this city, with certainty.

St. patrick's day, 2007

Bronte & Frank flew back to the USA very suddenly, and so sadly, to say goodbye to their cool uncle Wayne (he was only 42 when we lost him to a massive heart attack).

This would be Bronte's first funeral.  Although she may not remember it in years to come, we wanted her to be there (the thinking, that as long as she had Frank with her she'd be OK).
                                          We miss you Wayno!