PicturePiazza del Duomo, Milan
From Istanbul to Milano, where Bronte & Frank will live for another 3 months.  It's autumn, in comparison to the intense and humid heat in Turkey, Bronte & Frank are enjoying cool, crystal clear days.  The city is gorgeous, every shop window dressed to stun (and these eye catching displays change daily), the northern Italian residents are always dressed in super sophisticated fashion (no *'trackie dacks' here), fabulous fabrics, superior style and oodles of elegance.  Bronte & Frank decide the city of Milan is a 'Living Catwalk' - although the stray cat population pales next to 'Isty's', which they had dubbed the 'City of Cats'.

* trackie dacks = Aussie abbreviation for tracksuit pants

Bronte (and Frank) attend their 3rd local/international pre-school this year - 'Platina' named after the monstrous climbing tree in the playground area.  

Nobody speaks English, so it is always fun communicating with broken Italian and sign language.  As the Christmas holiday approaches, Bronte teaches her little friends how to sing 'Jingle Bells' in English and in return, she learns how to dance to the 'Triumphal March' from Verdi's AIDA.